G.T.V. Almrausch - Traditional Dancing

We are proud to welcome members of G.T.V. Almrausch! Be sure to wave as you pass the dancers on the course! 

Based in Philadelphia, the G.T.V. Almrausch is one of the oldest Schuhplattler Vereine in North America. The Schuhplattler is a type of dance. Translated to English, Schuhplattler is "shoe slapping". When you watch a Schuhplattler being performed, the reason for its name becomes obvious - you will see men slapping their shoes. In addition, the men will be slapping their legs, jumping and clapping.

Not to be outdone by the men, the women supply the other highly recognizable part of a Schuhplattler dance - the spinning. While the men are busy doing their part, the women can be seen spinning, causing their Dirndl to rise up forming the familiar bell.

The Schuhplattler originated in Bavaria in the 18th century. At social gatherings of the time, young men would try to impress the young ladies by displaying their strength and athletic ability. Their displays evolved into the "shoe slapping" that is performed today.

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Race day is Sunday, October 7, 2018. Check back frequently for updates and be sure to follow us on social media for the most up to date information.

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